About Matt Roberts Arts

Matt Roberts Arts is a dynamic not-for-profit organisation founded in 2006 to create opportunities for artists in new locations and contexts. Matt Roberts Arts offers support to creative practitioners by providing a range of professional development programmes and national and international touring exhibitions.

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Open Forum 2014

The aim of Open Forum 2014 is to allow Matt Roberts Arts to use our experience to provide advice to artists in regions where the commercial sector
is developing and less visible.

Open Forum consists of ten different day events, offering a minimum of twelve one-to-one sessions to artists, offering advice on developing a commercial practice and promoting their work. There will also be a panel discussion, involving Matt Roberts, a commercial gallerist, and a local artists, or a representative of an artist group, discussing the development of commercial activity in each region.

Events will take place in Leeds, Stroud, Worcester, Chichester, Brighton, Bath, Cambridge, Portsmouth, Coventry, and Eastbourne. To book follow the
link to the relevant page, or click on the exhibitions link above. Open Forum 2014 is supported by Arts Council England, through Grants for the Arts.

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